Free video chat without membership

Facebook’s membership of 1 billion, in addition to pages and group conversations, its messaging service is pretty populated.

Using your phone number can certainly enhance your facebook account’s security, but it is in no way needed to connect with your favorite people, organisations celebrities.

You can text, voice call as well as video call, and yet not have to worry about privacy risks associated with sharing phone numbers.

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Skype ruled the video chatting roost, once upon a time.Send a first message as usual and once the person accept the request, you can chat with them freely.Chatting with people without sharing your phone number is sort of Kik’s USP.It is easy to join to leave conversations on the app, and you don’t need to share your phone number with anyone at any stage for it.You can even login to Kik online (though not many know how; here’s a quick procedure), and chat with bots, play games with friends and in general have a good time. For people who prefer a more nerdy touch, Discord is the perfect option.

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