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There were bigger and better things in life than working the ranch from sun up to sun down. At least now you understand why your dad think’s I’m a little French whore, Ric.” “He doesn’t think that” Ric lied.

Besides his biggest interest these days was trying to figure out how to lose his virginity. “Ric, I overheard him saying that to your mom one night .

Living on the ranch, and being expected to carry his own weight, he was expected to fulfil his routine of daily chores, keep up his school work, and pursue his interest in varsity football and the Martial Arts.

His parents felt that they gave him plenty of freedom, but running a ranch did extract a lot of responsibilities.

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The other thing that was odd about Ric was that he excelled in school. ’ And then my mother turned and walked out of the market having just told Stephan’s wife, and all of our neighbors who were in the market, I had been sleeping with a married man.” “Hoooollllyyyy shit”! “About the same time as the incident with Stephan, mom’s boyfriend broke up with her.

Agencies or law-enforcement organizations are not to utilize this work product in any way. [I just can’t seem to write without a lot of detail and back-story] It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor.

This story consists of 41 chapters – over 70,000 words! She felt his strength, and warmth, and began to sob again.

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