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It also plays HQ videos by default but you can choose whichever quality yourself. That's one more than nineteen, two more than eighteen and generally N more than twenty minus N.

There is currently no amount of congestion in SDA's queue and so this would be an excellent time to dig out runs you've been sitting on!

If you went to the arcades when you were younger, you noticed that one game that looked like a cartoon called Dragon's Lair.

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The demon legions are disposed of in in one any% segment on the Be Gentle difficulty, faster than his previously published run. Some racing games want you to come in first place in every race while others are okay with you winning most of them. Cheer as ktwo beats the odds and wins both the trophy and the hearts. Meanwhile down in the sewers, there is another competition going on.well, actually, it's bits and pieces from the middle that are getting swiped.Many parts are just visibly faster, as they would have had to be for a .55.Aside from this, ktwo also improved on Adventure Island's TAS by a minute, 12 seconds.The last update had a run for Donkey Kong Country 3 that accidentally had a broken link. Speaking of this, the old FLASH player that you see when you click on a run link inside a game page (the link that's on the run time) has been replaced with a more modern one based on HTML5, courtesy of nate.

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