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The girls will always come first.” As for how Cook and David Beador first met, she told Us Weekly that, “We met at a Soul Cycle class.

We love to work out together.” The couple came out publicly via Instagram in January 2018 and ended up going away together for Valentine’s Day.

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But show watchers were left a bit distracted over the scenes as they called out Sam for picking out a date who looked just like his ex-girlfriend and Made In Chelsea co-star Tiffany Watson.

In an Instagram post, Cook said, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the most kind, funny, motivated, loving & [hot] man!

The sky is more blue & my coffee taste better with you in my life.” Cook’s Instagram handle is @lovinglifeinnewport. News, a source said that David was quick to get into a relationship after splitting from Shannon.

The two reality stars called time on their relationship last year, after two and a half years.

A different user put: "Just me, or does Sam's date look a lot like Tiff Watson?

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