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The dedicated research premises for the Gillies Mc Indoe Research institute were opened in Newtown, Wellington in December 2013.

Time for a new kilogram (ampere, kelvin, mole) Laurie Christian The time is right for fundamental changes to be made to the kilogram and other base measurement units. Chris Hollis Fragile X Syndrome is the leading known inherited cause of autism.

Whales continue to be affected by human activities, and not just our activities in the sea.

While we are all aware of the Japanese whaling effort in the Southern Ocean, where some 300 animals have been taken on a semi-annual basis despite international court rulings and international opposition, we are perhaps less aware of the huge numbers that die as a consequence of fisheries interactions, up to 300,000 animals a year.

Vanessa suggests that to be able to understand bullying's complex nature, we need a socio-ecological approach that appreciates it is a community issue that needs a community response.

Thursday 25th May 2017 How do we improve the lives of families?

Stanley is a magician who has dedicated his life to revealing fraudulent spiritualists. Firth is good and likable but I did find some of his character's decisions to be too abrupt. And some of his duologue felt a bit rushed and acted.

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Thursday 24th November 2016 Stem cell research at the Gillies Mc Indoe Research Institute Paul Davis In 1998, the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Foundation was formed, with the aim of establishing a research institute.

However, despite the ocean being the 'backyard' of 75% of NZ's population, this rule doesn't yet apply there.

‘Shelf seas’ are areas of the ocean where the water depth is less than 200m.

The age difference between the two is maybe a tad much but the rom in this romcom is not the leading factor... Maybe a Colin Firth from 15 years ago would have been a better lead but unless Woody has access to that time travel device in Midnight In Paris that was not an option.

The Leeds (Chapel Allerton) cafe recently held its fourth -- and most ambitious yet -- annual science slam.

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