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The services we provide for you are really straightforward and uncomplicated.You can come and talk to us about the three services we offer without obligation and then go away and think about it.We then have to interview those people who come forward in response and frequently travel long distances to meet them.If you decide to join our Bespoke Service, after an initial meeting to see if we can help, we would then visit you at your home.This service is exactly the same as the Bespoke Service, but does not include advertising, however if the client wishes to place an advertisement, it will be to their cost, but we will interview the people who come forward in response at no further cost to you.You can also, at this level, meet (if appropriate) those people we have headhunted through personal advertising who have filtered down from the top level.

Miraculously, given that I was the editor of a woman's fashion magazine, before meeting my husband in my early 40s (then a BBC journalist, he came to interview me; as soon as we got married, he gave up his job and started having sex with other women), I had only ever had three boyfriends, two of whom hadn't even liked me that much.We provide a unique, professional and personal dating service which helps you find who you are looking for. Until now, I always thought people who resort to dating agencies must be a little desperate. I have never before even been set up by friends or been on a blind date.You simply pay £6,000 plus VAT for 15 months’ membership.This service also holds a minimum guarantee of introductions and a freeze facility.

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