Irish girls for dating

Most of this is based on Irish celebs, and if people actually went to Ireland they would see how we really are.Less has been said about Irish women for some strange reason and I will attempt to right this wrong.

It matters not if they fail to resemble the body characteristics of Cindy Crawford; they will always possess a feature attractive to men... If this happens, then the chemistry has begun and you're on a winner!

Avoid all mention about sport, unless you're at a sports convention or in the TV lounge of a bar showing sport.

Similarly, conversations discussing religion and politics should be strongly avoided.

It sometimes works, since such girls might feel that the quality where you come from is exceptional, and better than she.

You can modify this comment if you are Irish, particularly if you're not from the location of the conversation. If she is obviously beautiful, she will already have heard such comments before, and you might be lucky to get a "thanks" as she stifles another yawn.

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