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The two struggled to keep it together, but they also renewed their vows in one episode in 2010.

Despite their best efforts, the pair went their separate ways in 2013.

The two parted ways after her first season aired when it became super obvious that Kelsey had been carrying on an affair the entire time he was out of town on business. When we first saw her on the show in 2006, she was married to her second husband, Donn Gunvalson.

There have been numerous marriages that couldn't last in the heat of the limelight and failed to withstand the test of time. Camille was married to well-known actor Kelsey Grammer for several years and the two had children together, too. Camille has publicly stated that it was Kelsey’s idea to have her appear on the show, and it was later revealed that he thought the show would be a good way to keep her occupied while he was off working in New York.

Viewers could see that there was a clear disconnect between the couple...

The two went their separate ways but said some pretty distasteful things about one another to the press.

There were tons of court dates and custody hearings and things aren't perfect yet: Tamra recently revealed in the new season of the show that her son lives with her and her daughter lives with Simon who she hasn't seen in two whole years.

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