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It was here that my father and Captain Oliver Hutchinson, the manager of the company, first tasted the delights of high living.My father takes up the story in his memoirs which were published recently as "Television and Me".John Logie Baird was the son of a Scottish minister and he was raised in the late Victorian era.

I did not have far to travel as I was working in Cambridge as a research student at the time.

In any case, drink played a smaller part in the Scottish student culture than it does now; there were no bars in the college buildings.

In 1926, soon after the first breakthrough with television, a public company called Television Limited was formed with my father as managing director. Martin's Lane in the theatrical district of London, just round the corner from the famous Ivy Restaurant which was (and still is) a favourite in theatrical circles.

After the 1926 display, Baird continued to develop the mechanical TV and in 1927 he transmitted content across a 438-mile long telephone line between London and Glasgow.

He went on to set up the Baird Television Development Company, which produced the first transatlantic broadcast and the first live transmission of the Epsom Derby.

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