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The main fonds of the pre-revolutionary period were: • Administration of Novorussia and Bessarabia Governor-General • Odessa City Chief • Odessa City Council • Guardianship Committee for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia • Odessa Police Office • Commercial Court • Banks • Odessa Port Offices and Customs • Novorussijsky University, colleges and schools • Building organizations • Cultural Societie Jewish materials were represented as separate parts of those finds (Jewish sections) or in common management records.From the mid 1920s until 1940, the Odessa Archive received 33 fonds from Jewish institutions, including: These fonds were of great interest to researchers.Let us not forget the cranberry sauce, another Thanksgiving staple. Try putting some pomegranate seeds in the sauce after it is cooked. There are way too many good preparations to list here. Just remember seasoning and flavorings are important.Try this recipe for salt baked potatoes with rosemary and roasted garlic. It is another dish that can be made while the bird is resting. The combination of sweet from apples and grapes, bitter from the endive, spicy from the fennel, and herb from the rosemary go well together. Belgian endive with fennel, grapes, apples, and rosemary is a nice alternative to the usual or traditional side dishes.

Replacements and evacuations led to irrecoverable waste; more than one million files (50% were lost during the war. For example, documents destroyed included great portions of materials of: • Odessa City Rabbi (320-819 files) • Odessa Affiliate of the Committee of Society of the Spread of Learning Amount the Jews in Russia (462-495 files) • Odessa House of Jewish • Culture (82-84 files, and others In April 1944, SAOR renewed its work in Odessa.

During the last 13 years, fifteen foreign researchers, representing scientific center in Germany, Israel, USA, Canada and Japan as well as Ukrainian historians and others have made great contributions to Jewish history using extensive archival sources.

The historical focus on national minorities in Novorussia is one of the main directions of activity in the Odessa Archives in recent years.

The State Archives of Odessa Region (SAOF) is one of the largest archives in Southern Ukraine.

Document holdings include more than 13,100 fonds (record groups) consisting of more than 2,009,604 files.

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