Lesbian dating and sex tips

When women get attracted to each other, we go into limerence, a brain-chemistry high that feels like being in love.

(All couples are affected by limerence, but it’s strongest for lesbians!

And if she can’t meet you as an equal, the relationship won’t be a happy one.

If you find yourself wanting to help her, you should be her social worker, not her partner!

Trying to train your girlfriend not to trigger you is an exercise in frustration, like trying to cover the world in leather rather than putting on shoes.

Find out how to “put your shoes on” emotionally by learning the skill to de-escalate your own triggers, dismantle the habitual stories you tell yourself, and communicate skillfully.

Over time, I learned what those words, and many more, actually meant, but it took a lot of pretending that I understood and then racing home to Google a new list of words.Often, both members of a couple feel alone and mistreated, trapped in their own version of events, rather than really seeing and hearing each other.Someone wise said, “Assumptions make an ASS of you and me.” They were right!There’s a reason why no one jokes about straight couples or gay men bringing a U-haul on the second date…but some version of that is one of the most common lesbian relationship problems.) Limerence can fool you into thinking you’re perfect for each other – and set you up for a huge let-down 3-12 months later, when the brain chemical high wears off.Don’t move in together, get engaged, get married or make other big plans within the first six months, no matter how tempted you are. Don’t believe the fantasy that your problems or incompatibilities will “get better with time;” most often they’ll actually get worse.

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