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I’d really not thought a lot about that until, channel surfing last Sunday, I happened across a Seahawks post-game show on KING and there was Gangel on the broadcast.Interesting — Salinas covers her love interest and gets drummed into obscurity; Gangel covers hers and is named recently by Seattle sports columnist Jim Moore, (in the interest of full disclosure, a friend of mine), the sexiest female sports personality in Seattle.Salinas was suspended without pay and subsequently reassigned (banished, really) by Telemundo and her once-rising star has been shot down.

It's up to you to do the rest of The Vampire Diaries, only she knows how to give the magic and excitement to the story ... When you're given a commission you do your best to fill it. My heart will be officially broken if it's true and final…:sad: But...I covered the NBA and other sports for 17 years at The Seattle Times before embarking on a career, also in sports media, on the Internet, so I know how cozy one can get with subjects covered on a daily basis.I trust this also happens in other parts of the news world.I am reading “The Clinton Tapes” by Taylor Branch, a Pultizer Prize-winning author whose friendship with Bill Clinton earned him extraordinary access to the President.Branch was not covering President Clinton for any media organization and wrote a book, post-presidency, in first person, that explains a process and doesn’t attempt to overtly advance any agenda. Trust in the media continues to plunge, according to a Pew Center survey, and there even are suggestions that the press cover entities such as Fox News as the equivalent of opposition parties.

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