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Forever to do your bidding, to fulfill your every need.

Trapped in a silken trap from the permanent changes made to her body, she is unable to return, only able to exist within your defined confines, her life now must revolve around you.

Bangles, chokers, necklaces or anklets are also appropriate as they represent bonds and chains.

Avoid finger rings as they represent power and pride.

Emersion in female pursuits with a strict regime watching soaps, painting her nails, reading female fashion magazines, etc. A very strict disciplinarian training convert an unhappy, careless and thoughtless male into a wonderful , obedient and happy sissy.

The "trainer" must be experienced and understand that it involves physical, mental and emotional conditioning.

Everything must go, even clothes that could pass for female attire.

Pierce both her ears and install large dangling earrings so she won't be able to ignore them as they bang against her cheeks.

Put him in permanent chastity and strict with strap on discipline.

- Pussy Formation Butt plug training , these are invaluable for posture and awareness training and prepare him for the very feminine feeling of being filled , essential items for engaged in anal training , easy penetration.

With a few male friends, subjugate her to the humiliation of having to wear another man's cum on her face and in every available orifice. Bind her so that she cannot move, leaving her covered in sperm. Giver her time to reflect on herself, as cum runs down her face, as she smells and tastes it, as it begins to dry and cake all around her, the cum in her hair… She must be made to accept your cock in her pussy and her mouth.

leave her to think, laying alone in her pool of cum, the feel of splurting cocks still fresh in her memory. She will soon understand that her life as a woman, begins at the end of your cock. Remember you are merely a tool, a vessel for other's enjoyment.

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