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Another Nxivm member, Allison Mack, a blond actress who played Clark Kent’s friend on the long-running “Smallville,” was arrested and later released on million bail.Raniere and Mack were charged with sex trafficking and conspiracy to commit sex trafficking and forced labor.Federal agents also raided Salzman’s home, seizing 3,000 in cash, some of it in shoe boxes.(She has not been charged with a crime to date.)The group found itself under a microscope, its secrets exposed.

The article explained that some female members of the group, who called themselves “masters,” had initiated other women, calling themselves “slaves,” into a ritual of sisterhood at homes in and around Clifton Park, near Albany. One by one, they lay on a massage table while a female osteopath, also a Nxivm member, used a cauterizing pen to brand the flesh near their pelvic bone.

Facing your fears, especially in conjunction with penance, was key to Nxivm.

As Jacqueline prepared to leave, the two women hugged. “I feel really good.”The scene in Salzman’s home was intense but mostly cheery.

She carved a symbol that some women thought represented the four elements or the seven chakras or a horizontal bar with the Greek letters “alpha” and “mu,” but if you squinted and looked again, contained within them a different talisman: a K and an R — Raniere’s initials.

Not all the women were told that these initials were present in the symbol.

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