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There’s also time between speakers and after to mingle.Groups are gathered based on something everyone has in common like age or profession.

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Dating your doppelgänger may seem weird, but we’re naturally attracted to peoplenaturally attracted to people with similar features.

While the days of creating an online dating profile or swinging by a speed dating event aren't over, companies have had to get more creative to attract users. You can now sniff out your soul mate by smelling dirty laundry (yes, really), find singles within a 100-yard radius of your location right this minute and more.

Click through for the scoop on the 10 wackiest ways to find your match.

The Event Matchmaker option takes things a step further, letting you see which local concerts members plan to attend, so you can go together or meet up at the event.

The Singles Around Me mobile app takes the guesswork out of choosing a bar or restaurant with plenty of available patrons.

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