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Moreover, critics identify how any real potential afforded by Facebook is limited by commercial stratifications of the platform. 136–143.doi:, accessed 20 October 2017. This paper, however, takes a different approach and proposes a philosophy of Facebook.

A CRF example is provided, a teaching event from an Australian university in 20 called (2009) argued that Web 2.0 can facilitate learners’ creative practices, in the forms of interconnections, content creation and remixing [5].

CSD is a collaborative practice based on close reading and performance, with an objective to encourage participants to think beyond pre-given ideas that they already have about a given text and themselves.

To be more specific, the objective is for text and readers to be in immanence.

From Deleuze and Guattari (1997), a philosophy of some thing is a collection of concepts that, together, offer an account, not a definitive exploration. “Clone your technics: Research creation, radical empiricism and the constraints of models,” , volume 15, number 2, pp.

A philosophy is to be measured in terms of what it can do, not if it is right or wrong. “Hacking the social: Internet memes, identity antagonism, and the logic of Lulz,” , number 22, at accessed 1 September 2017.

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