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The anti-racism campaigner hit the headlines recently after reports that he left Labour MP Ruth Smeeth ‘in tears’ at the launch of a report probing allegations of anti-Semitism in Labour.

Here Wadsworth gives his side of the story Even people who voted for Britain to leave the European Union were horrified by the torrent of racism and hatred of foreigners the shock result unleashed.

It was at the point when I raised the issue of there being so few African, Caribbean and Asian people in the room that Smeeth threw a strop and walked out, followed by Mc Cann.

The dramatic moment was caught on camera and the video later widely circulated in the media, which wrongly said she was in tears.

Today, one finds both nomadic, pastoral Fulani (mbororo'en) and settled Fulani (Fulbe wuro).

The Daily Telegraph’s Kate Mc Cann, requested a copy of the news release.A police-run site to combat hate crime, recorded a fivefold increase in reports from the public, 331 incidents, since the day the referendum was held.Wound up Brexit supporters strutted around with “Now send them home” t-shirts.By the eighteenth century some had migrated as far east as the Niger and Benue Rivers (now in Nigeria).In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, some Fulani populations adopted the Islamic religion and initiated jihads (holy wars) in several parts of West Africa.

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