Oliver cheshire dating

For example, I might be doing Belstaff, and I’ll get to be a biker for a day. They’re the ones I really enjoy, instead of ones where you’ve got to wear 20 pairs of trousers in one day. It’s cooler when you get a theme to work with that’s quite fun. I still study it and one day I hope to pick it up again properly.”Is he keen to prove he’s more than just a pretty face? There are people like David Gandy and Kate Moss who design clothes and write for very credible newspapers.Singer Pixie Lott released her first album in 2009 at the tender age of 18.”If you were ever in any doubt that being a male model is the best job in the world, spend half an hour with Cheshire. The son of a fireman, he was spotted by a Select scout when he was 15.Within a year he was starring in a Calvin Klein campaign alongside modeling legend Natalia Vodianova.’ Originally, my family were more keen than I was.” Does his dad share his good looks?“I do look a bit like my dad but he’s had a harder life than me.In the end they just said, sit next to him, so I did, which was a highlight of the show. Not to mention the beautiful pop-star girlfriend (singer Pixie Lott). He talks about his job in the incredulous manner of someone who’s just won the lottery: “You never know where you’re going to be from one day to the next.He told me how much he loves British tailoring; how cool is that? I went in to my agency today and one of my agents was saying I might be going to Australia for three days soon. ”If he sounds like a normal boy plucked off the street, it’s because he is.

Like David Beckham, his features suggest a voice at least two octaves lower.

For Oliver Cheshire, London Collections: Men means the chance to brush shoulders with his heroes. I was really excited because I love Hackett, but when I got there someone was in my seat.

The person turned around and it was Samuel L Jackson.

With a blog and a column in a national newspaper, his interest in clothes goes beyond how much he gets paid to be photographed in them.

Was it always a hobby, even before he became a model?

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