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” Shine tweeted in February 2016, in a post that managed to combine vaccination conspiracies with race-baiting.

The belief that vaccinations cause autism, despite being thoroughly debunked, featured prominently on Shine’s social media accounts.

“The days of the housewife hag image are over.” Her Twitter account, Facebook page, and podcast all focus on this brand of traditionalist and very public mommy blogging. At a glance, Shine’s online habits appear to be no different than those of many conservative American baby boomers.

That tweet is just one of more than a dozen times Shine demanded “Rappers remove [the] N word from music” — since she, the “happy housewife,” is not allowed to say it.Below is a sampling of her other commentary on the subject, included her repeated demands: “Blacks stop using the N word!” “Take the N word out of the music – don’t want to feel guilty for singing songs with the N word in it.” “Al Sharpton demanding kid Rock denounce Rebel Flag yet Sharpton not demanding Rappers remove N word from music.” “The recurring verse in Trinidad James rap song is the n word over and over.” Shine wrote in one post after the Dallas, TX police shooting in 2016.She also blamed the shooting on President Barack Obama: “You really are a terrible President @Barack Obama @POTUS allowing our police officers to be gunned down like this.” “When will Al Sharpton demand [that] young black boys do the right thing?

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