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While the organization provides services for children of all ages, it maintains a strong focus on the under-3 demographic, providing strong nutrition and clean water programs for kids as well as pregnancy support, nutrition education and HIV-prevention programs for their parents.

Two thirds of neonatal and young child deaths — over 6 million deaths every year — are preventable.

The organization estimates that it can save literally millions of lives with enough support. Worldwide Who they are: One of the most world-renowned international adoption programs, this organization has placed nearly 7,000 children from 28 nations around the world.

In addition to connecting disabled, orphaned, displaced and minority children with loving homes, the organization offers a full range of social services, as well as on-site programs in orphanages across the globe.

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Gastonia, North Carolina Who they are: It’s rare that volunteers get to see how their personal contributions make a difference. Mobilizing community sewing circles across the country, WUA encourages volunteers to crochet or knit their own 7” by 9” rectangles and mail them to their local chapters.

In addition to simply connecting needy kids with loving parents, the organization provides strong support systems to help families reach emotional and financial stability along the way. They’ve joined in the fight to help children around the world.

As ambassadors for UNICEF — the UN’s children’s task force that currently holds posts in 190 countries worldwide — celebrities and other volunteers join the fight against poverty, AIDS, hunger and disease.

Worldwide Who they are: No time, no money, no problem.

As one of the few ways busy parents can support international relief efforts without forking over half their bank account, The Child Health Site allows armchair philanthropists to help a worthy cause with the click of a mouse.

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