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In closing, we are extremely pleased and honored to present this Primer and hope that it will benefit both those FOSS projects we already know and those we look forward to meeting in the future. Proper understanding of these issues when the project is young can help avoid problems later.

In this chapter, we address some of the common early copyright questions posed by FOSS projects.

If you don’t meet the conditions, you don’t have permission to copy or modify the software.

The specific topics addressed herein are: They are presented in this order because that most closely aligns with the life-cycle of the legal needs of a typical FOSS project.

It comes with a Graphical User Interface and runs on multiple platforms.

It is a great personal pleasure for me to offer these brief remarks by way of preface to a work composed by my colleagues at the Software Freedom Law Center.

Second, we present a starting point for lawyers and risk managers for thinking about the particular, at times counter-intuitive, logic of software freedom.

While these are the primary audiences we intend to reach, we hope others will benefit from this Primer as well, and we have purposefully given it a non-lawyer style of communication (for example, by intentionally omitting dense citation of judicial or other legal authority that is the hallmark of lawyers writing for lawyers).

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