Pet lovers dating

This app’s live tracking function, when activated, shows exactly where the tag is on a map and then draws a red line as your pet continues to run around.

The tag weighs 1.4 ounces, on the heavier side, but it didn’t bother the animals we tried it on.

The cylindrical design attaches to a collar with a rubber strap, and if you get it snuggly affixed there’s no way it’s coming off.

It passed our durability tests with flying colors, including the waterproof test where we dunked it underwater several times for about 1 minute in total.

Why Trust Us We have plenty of animal lovers on our staff who realize a pet is more than just a cat or a dog; they’re family.

When we evaluated pet trackers, we realized choosing the right device could mean the difference between being reunited with your best friend or potentially losing them forever, so we took this job very seriously.

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