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Featuring Fine Artist Robbi Firestone's art installation and story of her journey through infertility.It's a raw and authentic exploration into the deep emotions experienced by many of the millions of women who are dealing with infertility.Now just to add some perspective in here, no one is suggesting we adopt our grandparents’ full on rituals of courtship—!But let’s show our elders some respect by grabbing their greatest ideas and running away with them. And somehow amongst the craziness, you still need to find the headspace to hit dating as anything but the rather frayed, unravelled piece of humankind you see in the mirror. Hop aboard my time machine and take a ride with me, back to the future of truly successful dating.Try adding to this the need for enough puff to actually enjoy the experience and…Agghh! Radical Dating Advice from the bunch who were young and horny in their day too—our Grandparents Let’s just be clear for a moment, don’t be fooled by erroneous, rosy-tinted images that our grandparents lived in a mythical era where everyone strolled rather than screamed through their day, where the world span slower because ‘progress’ hadn’t sped up the pace of life—tosh!

A transcendent, celestial experience that transports viewers through Kenyon s rare, divine gift. S adults over 40 are single and too many are frustrated with dating and trying to find lasting love.Desperate to understand his experience, he fervently dove into the study of neurophysiology to explain his unexplainable spiritual insights and continued his search through studying Tibetan Buddhism, Yoga, Taoism, mystical Christianity, Shamanism, Egyptian alchemy and more.From his home in the San Juan Islands to Tibetan nunneries in the Himalayas, from cathedrals and mysterious caves in southern France to the golden-chandeliered symphony halls of Vienna, Song of the New Earth explores the cutting edge scientific research proving that sound shifts brain states and can promote dramatic healing not only for ourselves but for our precious planet earth.Being open and honest about what you’re looking for is the only way to attract those confident they fit the bill.Life was undoubtedly simpler back when chicken actually tasted like chicken (something my grandparents always cited as the epitome of ‘the good old days’).

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