Ripit4me updating info

BD-J is not yet supported, Ace is working on adding it, but it will only ever be as good as whatever libbluray is supporting.

As for the decryption - there is at least no official add-on.

What's worse is that i'm forced to watch those stupid FBI warnings (we don't have an FBI where i live), short videos equating copywrite violation with smash and grabs thefts from vehicles (which it is not), forced to watch previews to movies (i either own or i'm not interested in owning) most times i put a disc in a player. It ended up being such a frustration it drove me to rip many of my DVD's and remove all those PUO and extras i have no interest in.

In fact many of the 9GB commercial discs would burn to a 4.9GB disc after removing the crap without needing to compress the movie much (if at all).

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DVDShrink, Decrypter, ifoedit, fixvts, pgcedit and Rip It4Me were used at variuos times when ripping my DVD's.About the only downside is it takes time to rip the disks.And today while browsing, i was a little dismayed but not surprised to hear that AACS-LA are still pressing to remove DVDfab from existance using every legal trick they can muster.I have 350 odd DVD's and 410 BD's that cost me somewhere in the region of..., well i don't really want to think about the cost, lets say it's a fair chunk of small car sized change.And yet i can't use the product i have purchased AND own in the way i like.

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