Sex bot chats

After his previous investigation, Raz didn’t have any expectations and was sure these matches would be bots.

So, chatting with yet another bot, he didn’t even pretend he was talking to a real person.

And the final destination was titled “This IS NOT a dating site” and carried the following warning: “You will see nude photos.

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Two out of three men actually click on these links, which makes it without doubt the best conversion rate in the world. Inbar Raz started his research with building the perfect Tinder profile.

Moreover, although all of the bots except for one had places of education in Denmark, almost all of them listed employment in the United Kingdom, mostly in London.

After that, Raz checked the profile information of the matches.

Some of the matches in Denver were more advanced chat bots — they didn’t sent a fishy link immediately; they tried chatting first.

Raz asked them intricate questions to probe how interactive these chat bots really were.

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