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Inside, she closed the door behind them and leaned against it. "The others have already started downstairs and I didn't want you to be thrown in at the deep end without any warning.But I expect Guy has told you, these occasions aren't meant to be social gatherings.Anyone who showed signs of jealousy was tactfully but swiftly dropped.And so it might have continued until a proposition was put to her which she instantly rejected. After fucking her he had removed the condom and had spent a pleasant few minutes sliding his still erect cock between her ample tits. While his right hand, fondled a nipple, his left was pumping fast along his shaft. She had enjoyed the things he had done to her, the way he had used his fingers, his tongue and, latterly, his cock. But all the time she was waiting for the point at which his physical need could no longer be controlled. With a deep groan and a final long stroke culminating in a careful squeeze, the man released the cum in a series of short bursts. When Jack was alive, in the confident middle years of their marriage, they had achieved a rare rapport.His breathing came in irregular gasps as he urged himself towards the point of no return. With a word or a gesture she could puncture the erotic tension just as it reached its zenith. The woman smiled as her tits received the pearly skeins. She had supported him throughout his efforts to get elected, loyally accompanied him on boring constituency occasions, consoled him when, after being re-elected three times, he lost his seat.

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If she accepted, while entertaining - and being entertained - she would doubtless become privy to all the gossip of the Westminster village. If not at the centre of the rumour mill, Catherine would be close enough.Thus it was a major disappointment when he gently broke the news that their relationship had to come to an end; his party was about to launch a moral crusade and, fearful of what he called 'the tabloid reptiles,' he could not take the risk of jeopardising his political future.However, knowing Catherine's appetite was undiminished, he suggested that he could provide her with more than one other to take his place.Dinners were convivial, hilarious even, champagne was plentiful and at night the corridors on the upper floors were seldom silent for long. Resilient and independent-spirited though she was, it took most of a year to get herself back together.Yet somehow, Jack and Catherine, still deeply attached in their unconventional love, always seemed to wake the following morning in the same bed, if not always alone. The AIDS scare was acknowledged but only in as much as the need for precautions and generally sensible hygiene played a more prominent part. A heart-attack while he was entertaining a client to lunch. Throughout her self-imposed abstinence, she was not short of offers.

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