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Hay says he's had to rethink how he views his role as a police officer, and how people treat one another.

"The victims in this crime are like nothing else I've seen.

That's our children, living in this country, who are being sexually exploited.

I think every day, normal people are suddenly finding out about what this is all about.

It's mind-boggling and eye-opening how much some of these people have been through," Hay says. I have no issue with consenting adults having sex however they want to have sex, as long as everyone is on board with it and the people are not hurting each other." "A lot of people have an understanding of human trafficking as someone who is brought from another country in the back of a boat and forced to work," Hay says.

"In Canada, the vast majority of it is domestic sex trafficking.

These days, he heads a London police unit that takes a very different approach to women doing the same type of work.

"You're just putting people in jail for something they didn't want to do, but didn't have very many options. Hay is in charge of London's human trafficking unit.They also posed as escorts, charging men who were looking to buy sex.As of 2014, it's illegal to purchase sexual services in Canada, but it's legal to sell sex. Mike Hay communicates with his team in a minivan during a vice probe, in which officers pose as Johns to visit women they suspect might be sex trafficked in hotel rooms in London, near Hwy. (Kate Dubinski/CBC News)Since becoming the head of the human trafficking team in London, Det.It's a sad commentary on our society." Hay's team has just finished its second major project, pulling in officers from other units within the London Police Service.For four weeks during Project Solstice, officers posed as Johns with women they suspected were being trafficked, going into hotel rooms to offer help.

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