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If you have knowledge of Javascript you can easily implement your own scripts to the bot, and if you're not, asking on the forum and there's usually someone to help you very quickly.

The Dev team is amazing and keeps fixing bugs and adding new features that's been requested.

Want to have a spooky sound that your viewers can trigger? Our rich configuration allows you to decide what types of Tweets to pull down, be it everything that everyone posts to your wall or just the Tweets that you post. Also included, a webpage that anyone can access to see what songs are coming up next.

You can think of a chatbot as an intelligent program that interacts with human or users. As mentioned, it is an intelligent program that uses Machine Learning to understand patterns and respond accordingly.

If you are not aware of LUIS currently, just understand that it is a teacher who teaches your bot. You can train your Model by clicking Train in the left bottom corner.

If you say “Hello,” then your intention is a greeting. Once your training is done and you think it is working fine, then you can deploy or publish it. Once you are done with LUIS and come back to your Azure Bot service application, you can manage the C# code and modify it further for the different intents that you set in LUIS.

There's a bot service option, which is currently in preview mode through the following actions: App Services Bot Service (Preview).

Once you click Bot Service (preview), you will get the following option where you have to define basic information like app name and location.

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