Sharepoint 2016 rss feed not updating

However, for future reference, you may want to know just what those advanced options are just in case you might need them.So the following figure shows the advanced options.With daily alerts, you can even specify when during the day you want to receive the notice and for weekly alerts you can specify not only the time, but also the day of the week.

sharepoint 2016 rss feed not updating-23

Let’s assume for this article that I am creating a RSS feed from a library (the steps are similar to those for a Share Point list).

While the text refers to a generic RSS reader, the default is usually your email application such as Microsoft word.

Because the server application (Share Point) is trying to open and use a program on my computer (Outlook) a dialog appears as part of the security features of the operating system asking if I really want to allow the website to open that program.

Do you have libraries in Share Point that you need to monitor for additions and perhaps even changes?

I know that if you are checking these libraries manually, that over time, you will occasionally forget especially if you are as busy as I am.

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