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We were permitted to enjoy this for some time as, no doubt did he, watching us, as we performed our submissive duties.

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We were thus, as we groveled, building their own pleasure and, I think, he might have let us cum as a reward for our diligence or, perhaps not noticed until too late, had Kirsty not dropped on to her belly with the obvious intention of rubbing her bare sex on the carpet like the hot bitch she is to increase her pleasure.

He picked up my muzzle and I showed my obedience by opening my mouth to accept it without him even asking; as I took the large rubber plug in my mouth I tried to imply that I would rather be taking something else and was rewarded with a wink.

Then he commanded me to the cage I share with Kirsty.

Once home, he let us both off the leash, commanding us to kneel up in a very 'human' posture where he cuffed our wrists behind our backs and ensured each ankle cuff was locked to its appropriate thigh cuff to keep us on our knees.

Then, with his luscious pets deliciously restrained, he removed our muzzles and allowed us to thank him for taking us out on our walk, a task they we addressed with diligence, lowering our heads and lapping at the leather of his tan boots with our tongues before kissing them respectfully.

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