Single motorcycle women for dating

I bought it last sping and have had a blast with it. Forgot what an experience it is to ride but I do like to have control of the throttle myself!!!

Sweet dreams I have lived in Florida during most of my time on POF, and I have noticed the same phenomenon that bearsy mentioned.

During the times I have been searching, I have passed by all women's profiles that mention owning a motorcycle or wanting to find a partner who rides.

Selfish as it sounds, I'd prefer to date someone who likes doing the same (or similar) activities that I enjoy.

I took my course, and I was hoping to purchase one this year. I've been to the majority of Canada and half the U. I don't care what type of bike a person rides, there are some great bikes out there and it's a "to each their own" in what they like. I think it's very sexxy to have a women on the back of my sports bike with her arms around me. I was really surprised to read that a greater percentage of fatal accidents occur with middle aged riders than younger riders.

Of course, only a relative few say whether they are themselves in the saddle or on the pillion.

(Driver or passenger, for the uninitiated.) And quite a few specify Harley-Davidsons; I know that's the prestige brand for cruiser lovers, but it makes me wonder if they really ride or just think that's what men over 45 want them to say.

I don't know why it is so popular; I just know it isn't something I'm interested in.

Rather than say something negative about motorcycles (or powerboats, or jetskis, or 4-wheelers, or.......) I simply stated that I am into passive (non-motorized) forms of recreation and left it to readers of my profile to take the hint about my philosophy regarding recreation.

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