Single parent dating sydney

More Aussies believe in aliens than in God; 80% of Aussies believe in the existence of aliens somewhere in space and 74% believe in God. This means that you are safer in a brothel or stripclub than in a church!!

A nationwide Daily Telegraph's Banks versus Battlers Survey found that in 2010 Westpac was the worst bank in Australia (only 18% of its customers were happy), they were followed by Commonwealth Bank in second place and ANZ in third place.

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We use cookies to allow us and selected partners to improve your experience and our advertising.At the time of writing this, May 2010, 11 Australians have died in Afghanistan, and 20 have been wounded.27% of Aussies are Catholics, 24% Anglicans, 20% atheists, 8% Uniting Church and 6% agnostics, only 22% of Australians say they go to church.He admits to liking a drink but claims most of it went into official functions...Even more amazing, a nation wide survey by Durex found that 5% of Aussies thinks he is sexy!

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