Sophos not updating

Many enterprise and business computers were hit b the bug, creating reports to administrators reporting the program as SSH/Updater-B malware.

reports that administrators were bombarded with emails and alerts about the non-existent problem, which has since been fixed.

That's not to say the product is perfect, it isn't!

It's important to keep in mind I've only been using this for a day so perhaps there are still pitfalls to be discovered I'm sure.

I'll have to give the Sophos for Linux protection a chance, the instructions weren't laid out as simple as you've shown us.

I would not recommend saving to " When i download this it is automatically saved to Archive manager- i have no idea how to unroll the tarball- and none of the suggestions posted here seem to work - I know i am missing something very basic here- but i don't know what it is-?

For example my username on my computer is al, and my user folder is /home/al You may (or may not) have issues with permissions if you put Sophos in your usr directory (/folder).

If you do have any problems that you would like advice with please start a thread in the main Linux forum. " in their paths, which is a shorthand for your user folder.

(From your license.)enter your password and press "enter".

(From your license.)enter "N" and press "enter".enter "q" and press "enter".- Disable automatic updates from Sophos:press "enter"type "N" and press "enter"type "q" and press "enter"(Unlike during the installation process, where you could choose to update from Sophos, your own update server, orno server, no server is not listed as an option.

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