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The first tour, lasting from August to November, 1919, was through Canada, and included a visit to the United States.The second, to Australia and New Zealand, was begun in March and ended in October, 1920.He was a month short of his 21st birthday at the time of his death.New American Minelaying Destroyer coming alongside jetty ahead of us at Key West.There were addresses to receive, greetings from the native chiefs of the Protectorate, and cheers from the whole (as it seemed) of the 100,000 population.

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Good Friday was spent at Kumasi, where the head chiefs welcomed the King's son at a grand palaver amidst more magnificent umbrellas.

An account of the Prince's memorable Journey appears below, and a map on page 16 shows his route in detail.

Page 18 is entirely given up to photographs taken during the tour, including two, which reached London yesterday, of the last stage in South America.

The journey from which the Prince of Wales returns to-day is the fourth of his Empire tours.

Like two of the other three, it has extended beyond the bounds of the Empire, to countries whose welcome has been as hearty as that given in the Dominions.

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