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The land for the course at Coolflugh, near Cloghroe Church, was made available through the good offices of local farmer Jerome Dorgan who was interested in golf anyway as he played the game at the nearby St Ann’s Hill Hydro - a complex that included, not just a health centre, but also a hotel and a large farm.The Muskerry name, perhaps, was derived from the adjoining Cork and Muskerry Light Railway Line (or the Muskerry Tram as it was popularly known) but the club’s roots in the Barony of Muskerry may also have been a consideration.The enterprising young farmers from South Wairarapa used a rotary milk parlour for the unsuspecting couples at the event.The women sat on the rotary parlour while young men stood on the platform outside.At an influential meeting held on Monday (March 11th) at the offices of Messrs Atkins & Chirnside, 39 South Mall, Cork and presided over by Sir George Colthurst, Bart, the initial steps were taken for the formation of the above new golf club.A provisional committee was elected of which Sir George Colthurst is President and Dr Anislee Hudson, St Ann's Hydro, Blarney, Hon Secretary.The Foyle Arena in Derry was opened as a rest centre due to number of motorists stranded by floods in the city.On the club’s formation date, the March 13th, 1907 edition of the Cork Examiner, and the Cork Constitution newspaper of a few days later, carried the following report under the headline: 'Muskerry Golf Club'.

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Yoga may be an ancient practice that revolves around linking the mind and body and spending time connecting with yourself – but one yoga teacher has designed a class that’s all about connecting with someone else instead.But a few minutes on your mat with a total stranger will tell you if there’s an instant connection.”Not only could you meet the man or woman of your dreams while doing the downward dog, but yoga of course offers a range of health benefits – from increased strength and flexibility to general wellbeing and mindfulness.The first class will be held in Birmingham on 30 April but they’ll be rolled out across the UK soon. Belfast Speed Dating is a new speed dating service based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.Belfast is a busy city and some people may not have the time to meet new people.

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