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“I thought, ‘This was fun,’ though I wasn’t on his level. One of the smallest in the actor’s collection, a wood-carved sign in the shape of a bear that reads, “Who cares what happens in the woods …as long as it stays there,” wasn’t found in an auction house or antique store. “These things are just as important,” he notes, pointing out other family mementos, including a small painting done by his grandfather and a table filled with photos of his parents, sisters, nieces and nephews that mingle with museum pieces acquired at places like Sotheby’s.His father did everything in his power to provide for his family and made a life-changing decision when he decided to move the family from Detroit to California in order to make a better life for the family.Tom’s first real struggle was when he wanted to attend the university of his dreams, but couldn’t afford it.Family is so important to Guttenberg that before rehearsals began for “Relatively Speaking,” the actor would frequently go out to Long Island, sometimes daily, to see his folks.

“What they would do in the church is they carved out the back and hid all of the town’s jewels in there.

“I go out [to LA] for work occasionally, but I don’t go out there much anymore,” he says.

In fact, much of Guttenberg’s life has shifted to the East Coast — including his career.

“What’s also stunning,” Guttenberg says, “is it is sitting on a Spanish Baroque turned-and-carved walnut columnar pedestal from the early 18th century,” which he also found at auction.

Hanging on an adjacent living room wall is a French clock from 1905 that belonged to a jeweler in Dijon, France, who kept it in his shop’s display window.

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