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The 15th ICI will take place in Milan, Italy and this guarantees another wonderful aspect, namely, the great opportunity for social activities in a most accessible and welcoming city. Abbas (USA) Introduction to the Immune System Andrew H. Abbas (USA) Antigen Presentation, T Cell Activation and Costimulation Abul K. 380 in mi maggiore - Andante comodo Sonata K.427 in sol maggiore - Più presto possibile Pastorale (Allegretto) e Capriccio (Vivace) 16.45 - 19.15 GOLD ROOM Jules Hoffmann (FRA) - Lecture Innate immunity: from flies to humans Introduced by Stefan H. Kaufmann Maria Chiara Pavone e Graciela Dorbessan, sopranos Sandro De Palma, piano Giacomo Puccini Mi chiamano Mimì (from La Bohème) Graciela Dorbessan, Soprano Gioachino Rossini L’invito (from Soirées musicales) Maria Chiara Pavone, Soprano Giacomo Puccini Vissi d’arte (from Tosca) Graciela Dorbessan, Soprano Gaetano Donizetti Lu trademiento (Neapolitan song) Maria Chiara Pavone, Soprano Gaetano Donizetti I bevitori (Duet for two sopranos and piano) Graciela Dorbessan e Maria Chiara Pavone, Sopranos Rino Rappuoli (ITA) - Lecture Designing vaccines for the 21st century society Introduced by Vincenzo Barnaba Francesca Dego, violin Niccolò Paganini Cantabile per violino e pianoforte (Sandro De Palma, piano) Capriccio n. Medzhitov (USA) Inflammation and tissue homeostasis S1 - PATHWAYS IN INFLAMMATORY DISEASES S2 - THERAPY OF AUTOIMMUNE AND AUTOINFLAMMATORY DISEASES Chairs: Paola Allavena (ITA) Yoichiro Iwakura (JPN) Lars Klareskog (SWE) S1.01 Gene-environment interaction studies as a basis for unraveling specificity of adaptive immunity in rheumatoid arthritis Frank Nestle (GBR) S1.02 Inflammatory skin disease: from pathways to targeted therapy Jeffrey V. Kirschning Essen, Germany IL1.11.01 - Regulation of the innate immune responses in wild mice Alexander Poltorak, T. Milan boasts a unique, world famous artistic heritage, of which the best known is Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper. Ravetch (USA) S1.03 A general mechanism for modulating immunoglobulin effector activity Suzanne Ostrand-Rosemberg (USA) S1.04 Tumor-induced myeloid-cell mediated immune suppression: it is all the RAGE Mitchell Kronenberg (USA) S1.05 Regulation of inflammation and mucosal innate immunity by HVEM, a TNF super family receptor Chairs: Moncef Zouali (FRA) Pierluigi Meroni (ITA) Peder Olofsson (USA) S2.01 Neural circuitry regulating immunity: identification of T-Ch At as a discrete T cell subset Roland Martin (DEU) S2.02 Antigen-specific tolerization approaches in multiple sclerosis - principles and recent data David Wraith (GBR) S2.03 Negative feedback regulation of inflammatory autoimmune responses Jeffrey A.

We may add coverage of more spring anime based on future reader interest, so let us know what you'd like to see as the season progresses!

I guess the most frequent answers to this question include: you hear the latest news about state-of-the-art science; you get an excellent overview about what is going on in related fields; you meet friends, colleagues, young students and experienced researchers alike.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM THURSDAY, AUGUST 22 FRIDAY, AUGUST 23 SATURDAY, AUGUST 24 SUNDAY, AUGUST 25 MONDAY, AUGUST 26 TUESDAY, AUGUST 27 Registration Registration Registration Registration Registration - - Clinical Immunology Course Clinical Immunology Course Clinical Immunology Course Clinical Immunology Course Clinical Immunology Course - Perspectives in immunology Perspectives in immunology Perspectives in immunology Perspectives in immunology Perspectives in immunology Plenary Lecture Plenary Lecture Plenary Lecture NK Cells Innate Lymphocytes and Mucosal Immunity Leukocyte Signaling Genetic and Epigenetic Control Cell Trafficking Costimulatory and Inhibitory Molecules Imaging and Cell Interactions Lymphocyte Development Microbial Triggers for Inflammation Pathways in Inflammatory Diseases Therapy of Autoimmune Disease T and B Cell Repertoires Viral Infection Antigen Processing and Presentation Bacterial Infection Immunodeficiencies Autoimmune Mechanisms Cancer Immunotherapy Gene and Cell Therapy T and B cell Subsets Protozoal Fungal and Helminth Infection Parallel symposia Complement and Soluble Mediators Parallel symposia Innate Immune Sensors Parallel symposia Myeloid Cells Parallel symposia Parallel symposia - Basic Immunology Course Registration - - Plenary Lecture Plenary Lecture - Immune Memory Microbiome and Microbe Adaptation Immune Surveillance and Tumor Immunity Allergy Vaccination Tolerance and Transplantation Lunch - time Lectures Lunch - time Lectures Lunch - time Lectures Lunch - time Lectures Lunch - time Lectures - Poster Discussion Poster Discussion Poster Discussion Poster Discussion Poster Discussion - Industry Symposia Industry Symposia Industry Symposia Industry Symposia - Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials Tutorials - Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Workshops Plenary Lecture Plenary Lecture Plenary Lecture Plenary Lecture Plenary Lecture Late Breaking Session - Opening Ceremony - Closing Ceremony - - Welcome Reception Novartis Award Ceremony and Reception Faculty Dinner Else Kröner Fresenius Award Lecture PS - Perspectives in Immunology PL - Plenary Lectures S - Symposia LL - Lunchtime Lectures W - Workshops P - Posters Immunology Courses Sponsored Sessions The online abstract book is available at the Congress website of Contents Welcome Messages page 04 Patronages page 07 Committees page 08 Congress Venue page 10 Congress General Information page 14 Instruction for Presentation page 18 Social Program page 19 IUIS Council and Meetings page 20 Board Meetings page 21 Awards page 22 Travel Grants page 24 Immunology Courses page 26 XXIII AINI Congress page 26 Scientific Program August 22 page 27 Scientific Program August 23 page 28 Scientific Program August 24 page 38 Scientific Program August 25 page 50 Scientific Program August 26 page 60 Scientific Program August 27 page 70 Posters page 83 Sponsors and Exihibitors page 270 Speakers index page 276 Welcome Message Dear Colleagues and Friends, Why do we immunologists enjoy attending congresses so much?

We are looking forward to meeting you all at the 15th ICI in Milan. SIICA represents over 1,000 immunologists active in Italy, and several of its members are recognized as international leaders in their field, actively contributing to the development of Immunology. Littman (USA) S3.02 Commensal microbe-dependent induction of effector T cells in the lamina propria Gabriel Nunez (USA) S3.03 Regulation of pathogen colonization by virulence factors and the microbiota Francesca Granucci (ITA) S3.04 Mechanisms and consequences of NFAT signaling pathway activation downstream of PRRs in innate immune cells Giulio Superti Furga (AUT) S3.05 IFITs, TLRs and innate anti-viral molecular networks Peter Murray (USA) Doreen Cantrell (GBR) S4.01 T cell metabolism and differentiation Hua Yu (CHN) S4.02 STAT3 in tumor immune regulation: opportunities for clinical translation Kai W.

Therefore, the scientific organization of the ICI will count on a dedicated and competent local scientific committee, in addition to a distinguished international committee. Wucherpfennig (USA) S4.03 Control of T cell signaling by membrane binding of TCR-CD3 ITAMs Attila Mocsai (HUN) S4.04 Tyrosine kinases in leukocyte activation and migration Oreste Acuto (GBR) S4.05 Proteomics of T cell signaling: seeing more and better S5 - MYELOID CELLS S6 - LYMPHOCYTE DEVELOPMENT Chairs: Angel Lopez (AUS) Angel Corbi (ESP) John Hamilton (AUT) S5.01 Colony stimulating factors and macrophage lineage phenotypes Miriam Merad (USA) S5.02 The regulation of the dendritic cell lineage Hans-Reimer Rodewald (DEU) S5.03 Fate mapping the origins of fetal and adult myeloid cells Marco Cassatella (ITA) S5.04 Uncovering the regulation of gene expression in human neutrophils William Nauseef (USA) S5.05 Host vs.

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