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He paid 5,000 for one of the late singer's white crystal-covered gloves and ,000 on a pair of his crystal-covered socks.

nicknamed Teodorín) is the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, in office since 2012.

Whether they would return the interest seems unlikely.

Mel Gibson lives on Serra Road, as does Britney Spears.

The building has 101 rooms, including a Turkish bath, a hair salon, two gym clubs, a nightclub and a movie theater.

The mansion was described in the newspaper Le Parisien as a treasure trove decorated with furniture worth as much as million, including bathrooms with televisions and gold- and jewel-encrusted fixtures and dinner tables “always set to welcome unexpected guests.” He is the owner of 3620 Home on Sweetwater Mesa Road, high above the exclusive community’s famous Surfrider beach in the US, with a 20-car garage, then a tennis court, and then a four-hole private golf course.15,000-square-foot main residence, which has eight bathrooms, the same number of fireplaces, a large swimming pool, and at least six walk-in wardrobes.

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