Text message dating service

He's really sweet and even if this goes nowhere, I'll be glad I met him.

It's a welcome break from the usual dating sites where one gets a lot of winks/nudges or finds too many fake profiles."Virginia, a psychologist from CA feels that people are generally more honest when texting or using email."It's easier for people to talk about themselves honestly to a stranger whom they perceive to be non-judgemental, rather than someone they know well."Of course, much like internet dating, it does happen that the person you eventually meet doesn't resemble the person in the picture, thanks to air-brushing in photoshop or other graphic design tools.

All messages go through the provider and the dating service which means your phone number also stays hidden with mobile phone dating.

India is adding millions of cell phone users every year.

Serial-mobile-phone dating has emerged as a new phenomenon.

Most mobile phone dating services aren't free, however.

There's generally a monthly fee of .99 and a few cents each time you send a message. Some others offer a few dozen free messages, every month.

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