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Seo Hyun Jin is So Good in this; she makes Hae Young feel like a living, breathing, flawed-but-endearing real person. I loved the everyday simplicity and warmth of Five Children, even as it explored a second-marriage OTP and what it means to merge two families into one. Warm, engaging, hopeful and heartfelt in spite of its terminal illness melo premise.

Prices for goods and services, on average, haven’t increased enough to affect the COLA.There aren’t as many dramas in this section as I would like, but as you’ll see later in this post, that doesn’t mean that 2016 didn’t serve up a nice handful of gems. didn’t get around to finishing some of those gems yet.Here are the ones that I did finish that I loved, and loved unreservedly. From the kids, to the parents, every character and relationship gets a moment in the spotlight, and a corresponding endearing spot in my heart.Plus, it’s rare to see such bold storytelling in dramaland, so props to Show for that. Starts out cute, but tropes, a melo bent, and a completely unnecessary loveline with an annoying female lead muddies up the watch.But, the cat is so smart, fluffy and full of character, that for her alone, I have no regrets with this one. Show starts off very promisingly, with a carefully created drama world peopled with interesting characters, and said characters are generally delivered with nuance, restraint and finesse.

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