Transgender dating project

” Though I wasn't wowed by the messages, my experiment initially seemed to prove what I had suspected all my life when I was presenting as male — that women have many advantages when it comes to dating.

But I would soon find out that they have disadvantages too.

However, the charity Trans Action Pakistan said the figure was likely to be a significant underestimate.

It believes there are at least half a million transgender people in the conservative South Asian nation.

The new law also establishes safe houses for transgender people, as well as providing medical care and psychological counselling.

As far as my gender identity, I decided to go "stealth" — my profile did not state that I was transgender, and therefore it allowed for people to contact me without it spurring in them a sexual identity crisis or terminal freak-out.

Unfortunately, this is a defense that can still be used in 49 states.

I imagine your online dating woes pale in comparison.

What if I posted two mostly identical profiles on the same dating site, with the only difference being my picture, gender marker, and the gender I was seeking?

I decided I'd create a female profile and a male profile — one profile representing the woman I am today, the second profile representing the person I was prior to transition.

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