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She had been making plans to pack up and return to the east coast but this renewed anxiety made it hard to just get through a day, let alone plan a big move across the country. Today we learn that Jazz Jennings has had her gender confirmation surgery. The Atlantic article about those who “desist” gender change creates controversy.She started taking Lexapro but it’s been 17 days and she is not getting any relief from the anxious, debilitated-feeling that has her in its grip. Angela Ponce won Miss Universe Spain making her the first trans woman competing for Miss Universe. Scotland is taking steps to ban discrimination based on gender identity.

Looking around at the things she sees going on in our country, particularly the separation of children from their families that was happening at the southern border, Sophie Lynne decided she had to do something. ” She decided to organize a local protest in her town. Years ago on TGForum Laurie Sheril did a series of articles on drag in the cinema.

Scarlett Johansson wants to play a trans man gangster in a bio pic. There’s all this plus more and a raft of TWIT Awards waiting for you in TWIT!

Lorraine Anderson, the proprietor of seamstress service called The Occasional Woman, has some tips for beating the heat by choosing the proper fabrics for summertime attire.

While trans troops are doing fine the Pentagon is not bringing in new recruits in a timely manner.

A transgender athletics expert left a Fox News host speechless.

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