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AFTER Judith Himber’s husband died in 2010, she didn’t know what to do with herself. Himber, 73, who works full time as a clinical psychologist in Cambridge, Mass.She was not sure if she would ever want another relationship; her marriage had been long and happy.They are gentlemen, scholars and “relationship-minded” (been there, played that, ready for the next phase). She even tries to set me up with a third fellow, who (due to my travel schedule) makes a date with me two weeks in advance, but texts me the day before: “Julia, hey, this is [redacted]. I’m sorry to get back to you on such short notice, but I am not going to be able to meet tomorrow. I’ve had actual boyfriends who haven’t been that conscientious.Basically, I went out on a date with someone late last week, and saw her again this week. At the end of my dates, I ask Amy if the guys had any feedback. 6922 D W C F, 38, single mother of 2, N/S, N/D, ISO a LTR. I am 26 years old and I'm fun, outgoing and love the outdoors as well as meeting new people. If you think that you can handle this country girl, then saddle up and write me. D W F, ISO DWM, 55-65, who enjoys life's many blessings, age 55 , for friends/companion LTR, see what works. Matchmaker -- Where Couples Are Born Please join us in celebration of Matchmaker's 4 year anniversary! TICKETS https:// TICKETS: online (present ticket at the door by either printout, mobile app or email). If you are not part of the Matchmaker group, please join us https:// DISCLAIMER: By participating at this event you give up your rights to any digital media. Organizers reserve the right to cancel anyone’s attendance for any reason with the refund.

S W F, ISO N/S male, 60 , horseman for a lone trail rider.

Out steps a fellow at least 20 years my senior, with what might charitably be described as “not quite a full head of hair.” He presents me with two CDs (Kings of Leon and some other group) still in their Virgin Megastore bag, and announces that we’d be going to Bagatelle. Fleeing to the ladies’ room, I hysterically Twitter “Oh my GOD. The atmosphere and meal are pitch-perfect, and he turns out to be energetic, funny, intelligent and interesting—and one of the least skeezy men I’ve met in New York. And he is.] He will be back on Monday and will call you. He has one of the most fantastic attitudes of any guy I’ve met in New York. “He thought that you two had the exact same energy and good chemistry,” she e-mails.

I had judged him on his age and his appearance, and I was ashamed of myself. 4- Steve is tall, dark and handsome, 40, in banking. “I’m from the Midwest,” he tells me, which explains it. “But,” she cautions, “he wasn’t sure if you were serious about finding love.” Oh no! I immediately text him and reassure him that once I’m back from Vegas, D. Nine men, 15 dates and approximately 57 text messages later, my conclusion is unambiguous: Matchmakers are the best thing to happen to my dating life since I hit puberty.

6934 S W F, I am looking for a friend or boyfriend that wants to go out and have fun or have a good time. Hate players, looking for someone who's not over the age 45.

Like to go mudding, 4-wheeler riding, go for walks, going to the movies and cuddle with someone that will treat a woman right. 6883 S W F, "Cowboy boots, daisy dukes and bathing suits". I'm seeking companionship with someone who shares compatibility with me, is generous and knows how to treat their lady. I'm a green eyed blonde, 50ish, good attitude, honest, N/S, N/D, no drugs.

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