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Beyond the issues of pounding too much wine or taking dangerous medications before you realize you're expecting, which are serious enough, there is the huge question of how you want to enter into the biggest commitment of your life.With so much at stake—financially, emotionally, professionally—why do so many women have an "if it happens, it happens" attitude?Veronica agrees: "There's a sense that it's not cool to get married and have kids right out of college.But if you just get pregnant,' you don't face society's judgment."I'd guess many women are more faithful to their diet than to their birth control," says Kaye. The study found that young women have a strong longing for motherhood: More than half of them said they would like to be a mom right now "if things in their life were different." And even among those who said it was important to avoid pregnancy, 20 percent of women (and 43 percent of men) admitted that they'd be at least a little pleased if they found out they were going to have a baby.

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"Now many young adults wait to marry until after they develop their career, so that urge to procreate gets put on hold for much longer, but it's still there, whether consciously or not."And women aren't exactly encouraged to talk about that urge.

With plenty of birth control options available, you'd think those numbers would be dropping—but they're not, says Kelleen Kaye, senior director of research for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy.

In fact, the number of unmarried women who had had sex in the previous three months with no contraception by 36 percent between 19.

Nearly 50 percent of American pregnancies are unplanned, and three quarters of those are in women 29 and younger.

And get this: Research shows that women with a college degree are likely to experience an unintended pregnancy than those who haven't attended college.

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