Updating achtung panzer

Basic commands include "Fire," "Move" and "Short Halt" (stop moving briefly and fire, then move again).In the Basic Game, a tank is rated for front and rear armor only.Infantry units represent squads, half-squads or weapons teams, such as machine gunners, mortar teams, etc.While the game focuses on armor actions, the infantry unit rules are nicely detailed as well, as are airplane rules.In this new iteration of the game, as my burning panzers could attest, almost 90 percent of my shots bounced off the sloping armor of the Russian tanks.

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If the shot penetrates the armor, then a 1d10 is rolled based upon the damage factor of the gun doing the shooting.

Also included are ziplock bags to put your counters and dice in.

The rules are well illustrated and efficiently organized and include a glossary and a table of contents but no index.

Results run from a dud shell to damage to parts of the tank to leaving the target a burning wreck.

The damage process has been streamlined from the system used in the original Yaquinto releases.

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