Updating the map in a dnx 5120

So if anyone would like the procedure I used I'll be happy to share them with you. And While I'm about it, thanks Miss Poi for maintaining this website Just a heads up on things I've been able to do via the USB port (mini-B) on the back of my Kenwood DNX8120: - update FM Traffic receiver via Web Updater - update voices via Web Updater - load vehicles.

Using web-site IE plugin didn't work (even though it said it did).

I'm hoping that you can just install the map to the SD card, use the serial number to link it all up / unlock the maps and the Kenwood would just recognize it the next time it booted up.

I'm tending to think that they push Kenwood folks to the pre-made SD cards mainly because it limits phone calls to Garmin (so they don't have to explain how to download maps to an SD card but, instead, just say, "Plug it in"). I'll buy the lifetime update and at least give it a shot on the Kenwood.

In the past when I've updated my GPSs (haven't done the Kenwood yet but have done a Street Pilot and a 60CSx) I could just install the maps and then use Map Source to download into the unit.

For 2009 they made it harder by requiring the unit be plugged in in order to install the maps.

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In the simplest of terms, upload the city navigator cd to your computer. The device is actually an sd card, thru a reader or whatever you have. I've noticed that the nu Maps compatibility list has increased (it used to be just later Nuvis and a Zumo or two and now includes the GPSMap 60CSx and Street Pilot 2820).So, I'll buy the SD Card and, after a year, I'll put it up on e Bay and sell it for 1/2 price or something and then get the newer card.Still wish I could use the nu Maps Lifetime, though.Each year Garmin makes it harder and harder to update their maps.I really like the product but all of the automated/connect your GPS crap annoys me.

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