Vray updating

For example, if the primary engine is irradiance map, and the secondary is light cache, the glossy rays will use the light cache (which is a lot faster). V-Ray can use a caching scheme similar to the irradiance map to speed up rendering of glossy reflections.The options for the interpolation of glossy reflections are also very similar to the options for the irradiance map.Fog - the attenuation of light as it passes through the material.

Within the material you can apply different texture maps, control the reflections and refractions, add bump and displacement maps, force direct GI calculations, and choose the BRDF for the material. Note: In order to see through the diffuse and Emissive layer you will need to add transparency to the layer.Note that it is not recommended to use interpolation for animations, since this may cause severe flickering.- this control the transparency of the Refraction layer.Otherwise, the lighting on the "outer" side of the material will be computed always.You can use this to achieve a fake translucent effect for thin objects like paper.

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