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I was recently searching for an answer to the same question so I have just decided to share my story with you and offer an advice.

There it goes: Yesterday an impossible thing happened – me and my very caring boyfriend had our first anniversary and unlike most of the other days - this time he hasn´t had prepared anything for the day. Couple of weeks ago he has asked me where I wanted to have dinner at that evening and that was basically the whole planning.

There was nothing which was showing that he knew I was coming, not to speak about having a special occasion - not a flower, or a glass of wine, on the table, not even him wearing a new shirt. Like all of it wasn´t enough - the restaurant we went to, didn´t turn out to be good and we got a stomach ace after the dinner. Many friends of mine have been through the same and to be honest - I never quite understood them. This is how we spent our first year anniversary and this is how it will be remembered… And here´s the other side of the coin - if we keep hiding it the men in our lives won´t ever know what hurts us.

So you can imagine - we didn´t even touch each other that evening. But now I did and my question is - Are women just too emotional? So I guess the answer of your question is - Don’t worry, just be straight and honest with him.

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