Who dating justin bieber

The singer took to the stage to perform her single, “The Heart Wants What It Wants.” Here’s the kicker: she confirmed the song was about Bieber. Talks that Bieber is dating model Hailey Baldwin are at a high.After a few more on-again off-again appearances in the media, the couple officially confirmed they’d split. However, JB denies these rumours, assuring fans that they are simply good friends (whatever that means).The comments on both their accounts proved one thing for sure: do not mess with Jelena fans.So, just when we thought the dust had settled between Jelena, this clip surfaced of Gomez singing DJ Snake’s “Let Me Love You,” which features the Biebs on vocals.19: Gomez's mom Mandy is not a big fan of the Jelena reunion.

Even so, Jelena fans everywhere have been flipping over recent pics of them going on romantic bike rides and wearing the other's clothes (in Selena's case). VIDEO: The Weeknd Is Finding Comfort Post-Split with a New Pet that Gomez never really got over Bieber the first time they dated. He will always have a special place in her heart,” they said."Justin says he hopes he can spend Christmas with her but knows that it will take a very long time for her family to accept him back in." No word yet on whether a Jelena Christmas moment will happen, but we'll be crossing our fingers for it. They arrived separately to the service and kept things casual, so while there aren't any cute couple photos to look through, it's still sweet that they're spending time together. 30: The two had remained tight-lipped about their reconciliation until Gomez's Woman of the Year cover interview, where she spilled the beans on why things with Bieber are different this time around. "So maybe before, it could have been forcing something that wasn't right.But that doesn't mean caring for someone ever goes away.” Dec.Thus, we've rounded up the facts we know so far about this Jelena reunion, all for your enjoyment. It’s been 8 years and I’m so freaking happy and blessed that I finally got to see Justin. The couple broke up for reasons reportedly unrelated to Bieber, to be clear.

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