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So like for my year off I went on my first date, and stuff and I was just like this is what it's like? I was really nervous but I feel like people learn that at a younger age so I'm a little older. But it is good."The family, two brothers, sister Adria, who looks like Simone's twin, and parents Nellie and Ron have dinner together every Sunday in Spring.They're close but now..."I don't know, the other day, I was telling them that I went to go look at an apartment and it really freaked my mom out," Simone said."I barely know how to walk in and then them tell me to dance in it and I'm like, 'Do what?' But it was fun."We watched a fashionista emerge, strutting the red carpet at A-list events, including being crowned the Female Athlete of the Year at the ESPYs. There were so many people packed in one room but the athletic ability in that room was very intimidating. You can't judge each other's sports, but it's like you're holding your own sport, but it was cool," she said. 50 Cent is being linked to a fantastically fit, melaniny delicious stunner.Over the weekend Fif was spotted at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center in Brooklyn, to watch the Adrien Broner and Jessie Vargas fight.

But her mind is as flexible as her body, and she is open to whatever comes next."I want to learn," she said.

The insider spilled Vonn, 33, “has been spending a bit of time in Nashville.” She even made the trek to Colorado on Sunday for the Predators’ 5-0 win over the Avalanche to advance to the second round of the playoffs, which she documented on her Instagram story.

Prior to last summer’s ESPY Awards, the Toronto native gushed about Vonn’s appearance on the red carpet.

"I want to like mess up, make mistakes and learn from them."Simone says she wants to take some college classes in the future and eventually pursue a career in sports.

She didn't say she wants to work in gymnastics, but instead perhaps for the NFL, NBA, or MLB in sports management.

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